So, you want to get listed?

Getting listed on here is simple, simply contact us at The best part is that's free of any charge, all you need is an email address and we'll be able to start forwarding reservations to you.

Wait, I only need an email to get listed?

Yes, and no. Here's the list of what we strongly suggest you supply us.
  • A picture (250 by 250 pixels) for your restaurant profile.
  • A picture (90 by 90 pixels) for when your restaurant is featured on the front page.
  • A banner picture (650 by 50 pixels) for the ad banners.
  • A banner picture (425 by 100 pixels) for the restaurant of the month banner.
  • Any other pictures you can supply for your picture gallery.
  • An up-to-date menu in an electronic format (PDFs are prefered).

Then, there's the obvious investment, some of your time to fill up the restaurant profile.

But what if my menu changes?

You simply have to upload a new one to the website, don't worry, it's a simple procedure that we will explain.

Okay, that seems all fine, but how does it work? How does this help me get more customers?

We don't guarantee that our website is an instant recipe for success, after all, we can only guarantee what you've paid for. As for how it works, it's simple, here's the breakdown of what happens:
  • The customer comes to the site and browses the available restaurants
  • He decides to make a reservation with you.
  • We simply forward it to you in the form of an email.
  • Then, by following a simply link you tell us if you accept or reject the reservation (you can also suggest alternate times to the customer) and we'll then forward them your answer.
  • The day before their reservation, they will receive a reminder email with the reservation details.

Can I advertise on your site? Can I bribe you to be on the front page all the time?

Well, as much as the programming staff would appreciate free meals, we can't take bribes. All advertisement is handled by our restaurant sales team, you can contact them at Initially we offer the following possibilities:
  • Banners on the front page.
  • Appearance as restaurant of the month.
  • Customised versions of the various e-mails sent to the customers regarding reservation to your site.